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The Justice for Children Foundation:

Savannah, Georgia attorney, Howard Spiva, has been putting helmets on kids and promoting safety for children for decades.

As an attorney since 1984, Howard saw too many preventable injuries to children and he and his family decided to step into action, starting the Justice for Children Foundation.

The foundation teams up with community and business leaders throughout the year to host events and give away helmets. This year the organization will partner with local businesses and medical providers to give away helmet coupons and they hope to give away 1000s of helmets.

Justice For Children Foundation, Inc. as a non-profit is primarily concerned with preventing brain injuries to children.

"We provide FREE helmets to families to protect children in car wrecks. A child in a car safety seat is about the only activity remaining in America where head gear is not provided." -- howard

Everyone else: bull riders, karate participants, race car drivers, skaters, bicyclist, football players... they all wear helmets.

We want kids to know that Helmets are cool! Howard has been dedicated to helping injured people since 1984 to recover their harms and losses. He limits his law practice to serious, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases. His major focus is on children with Traumatic brain injuries.

Howard believes that "Children's Injuries are no accident!"

Heads in Helmets   Heads in Helmets

Learn more about www.HeadsinHelmets.com


To help promote the "Heads in Helmets" National program, the Justice for Children Foundation has created an app that keeps volunteers informed about upcoming events and helmet give-a-way locations. The app encourages community involvement and donations, and brings additional awareness to the ambassador program.

Heads in Helmets

Download the app at www.HelmetsApp.com


The Justice for Children Foundation is dedicated to educating parents and children on safety and the prevention of Traumatic Brain Injuries to children.

The "Heads in Helmets" program provides helmets to 1,000s of children each year. The helmets are for use in child safety seats, bicycles, skate boards and other activities.

The award winning Charity plans to expand to every city in America to help kids.

Justice for Children Foundation   Justice for Children Foundation

The National program is a professional Organization of some of America's top trial lawyers. The ambassador program is an honor and offered only after application and by "Board Approval" or "invitation only".

The Executive Board evaluates the qualifications of potential members and the membership is extended only to those individuals and firms who exemplify superior qualifications, results and leadership in their respective state, city and community.

Heads in Helmets

See more at www.HeadsinHelmets.com

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Got an App for that?

Safety App   Savannah Attorney Howard Spiva is providing citizens immediate help and it is right in the palm of their hand.

His firm has launched a FREE mobile safety app for the community that can help protect you and your loved ones during a car accident.
Learn more about the Safety App

If you or a loved one is in an accident, the app will automatically send a link to a parent, spouse, insurance company, or lawyer. The link contains a location from Google maps. The app can also alert paramedics on the scene of medical conditions.

It can also be a great tool to defend yourself to prove you're not at fault. The law cam feature of the app will also capture witnesses, bystanders, police, skid marks and then the information is automatically emailed to your insurance company or lawyer.

Why would you want Spiva's safety app?

  • The safety app provides protection to your teenager, spouse and loved ones.

  • In the event of an accident or injury, the app automatically notifies your exact location by email or text with a link to Google maps to you as the parent, your spouse, the police, our own staff investigator, your attorney- you choose who receives the notice!

  • The safety app helps you to be a Good Samaritan should you come upon a wreck or accident; so you can help others.

  • The app can be used by you to defend any false claims made against you in a wreck. Keeps your teenagers or spouse from being bullied by an aggressive or assertive adult at a wreck scene. This will keep your insurance rates from going up.

  • The Safety app alerts Emergency personnel of your medical conditions, if you are allergic to any medications and your emergency contacts.

  • The app is a check list with step by step instructions on what to do (and not to do) in an emergency. The information and directions continue throughout your case.

  • One touch of your safety app can notify parents for your teens, your spouse, 911, police, wrecker, taxi, your attorney...and anyone you choose!

  • The one touch Law Cam captures videos of witness statements, it gives them instructions and then video is automatically saved and emailed to your attorney or your insurance company. This prevents statements from being lost, witnesses from forgetting, changing their story or disappearing.

  • The Law Cam recorder will also collect and preserve evidence of photos of the scene, skid marks, traffic signs, insurance info, tags, by standers, defendants and police. Often times police don't take photos at wrecks and evidence of speeding is later denied by the insurance company. This can enhance your money recovery.

  • The app has "client how to guides" and videos to educate you on your legal rights. Examples of videos include "How you can file your own claim without a lawyer." This can save you attorney fees.

    If you would like for you, your family, friends and loved ones to have the protection and benefit from our Free Safety APP please go to www.spivalawapp.com and download the app to your Android or iPhone.

    Spiva Law App

    Learn more at www.spivalawapp.com

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    XII UNLIMITED Mastermind:

    Howard Spiva is a trial attorney. He helps people. He founded The Spiva Law Group in 1984. One of his proudest accomplishments is recently becoming one of the XII UNLIMITED attorneys. Learn more at http://12unlimited.com/about.html

    I feel blessed to be part of this dynamic group. We plan to put "personal" touch back into personal injury law. The group is 12 Personal injury firms. Together we hope to have unlimited potential to embrace new media and emerging technology.

    We all collaborate in a "mastermind" group as a team to brain storm and seek to revolutionize the practice of law and client communications. www.12unlimited.com/

    Client Tablets

    We have started a new program of providing iPads and Google Nexus Tablets to hospitalized clients that contain software that will change the way attorneys practice law.

    The tablet will work hand-in-hand with our FREE safety app. The many features include direct communication with the client and their lawyer and legal assistant, and will handle all the client's legal and communication needs to help them heal and recover.

    Special software will interview and video friends, family, employer, neighbors, co-workers, minister, medical providers and anyone else in their life or on their case. This all happens in real-time and is not reconstructed years later near the end of a case or at a future trial.

    The tablet is pre-loaded with many helpful features allowing the use of cutting edge technology for unlimited calls with their family -- along with a daily injury journal and access to medical information.

    To avoid boredom and pain, for their entertainment, we provide free music, games, magazines, movies, and relaxing music ... these and much more -- all free for our clients.

    In The News

    Learn more at www.12unlimited.com

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    The Justice for Children Foundation Presents:

    Last year, fourteen Georgia Law firms met in Savannah and participated in the annual Chili Cook-Off to support the Justice for Children Foundation's mission of preventing child injuries. The cook-off featured local lawyers, as the chefs, and four "real" Court judges who determined the winners. For 2013 the Attorneys will take on Teams of Firefighters, Police, EMT and other first responders.

    Chili Cook-Off

    This event plus others are planned to include: participating in both the Tybee Island and Savannah St. Patrick's Day Parades.

    St. Patricks Day Parade

    This all leads to the major event of the season -- The FREE Helmet Spring Fling which will be held in Savannah in May 2013. The event treats families and kids to a day of fun-filled activities, live entertainment and safety activities.

    The funds raised are used for the Foundation to provide 1,000s of FREE "fitted" safety helmets to local children.

    Heads in Helmets   The foundation will partner with local police, fire departments and businesses to give away free helmets and have fun.

    The local fire department offers demonstrations and activities to help kids be prepared in emergency situations.

    The police provide valuable services including: Finger printing, DNA samples, and Dental impressions. These services provide valuable information to assist police should a child ever become missing.

    The children and parents love the interaction with the police and fire department and we enjoy being their partners. They are always happy to join in our family events and help the community.

    The event offers a chance for children to win a free bike, prizes and of course all will receive a free helmet and custom fitting.

    Learn more at www.HeadsinHelmets.com


    The founder of Justice For Children Foundation, Howard Spiva, as an attorney has been dedicated to helping injured people since 1984 to recover their harms and losses.

    Justice For Children Foundation

    Howard limits his law practice to serious, catastrophic injuries and wrongful death cases. His major focus is on children with Traumatic brain injuries.

    Howard also teaches health and martial arts to inner City and underprivileged children.

    Savannah Sharks   Savannah Sharks

    Howard hosted a radio show for 3 years on self-improvement called NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS. He writes and blogs -- providing free advice to the public.


    Learn more about Howard Spiva at www.SpivaLaw.com

    How To Start A Charity:

    Howard recently published a book to help other attorneys improve their own communities. The book is entitled "Building a Presence in Your City" and it shows Lawyers everything they need to know to get started with their own charity.

    There are many "bonuses" that a charity can provide for your law firm. These include giving your law firm name recognition, media exposure, and enhancing your reputation with the public, the business community, and the medical community.

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